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Itunes 8 Visualizer?

Someone known as "flight404" claims apple has bought his magnetosphere Itunes visualizer for Itunes 8. Many of the downloads have been disappearing. Here is a video of it (below).

New iPod Coming Very Soon!

09-07-08 | Many people have heard apple is making a new iPod! It will be iPod nano 4th gen. It will be tall like the 2nd gen iPod nano and be as wide as a 3rd gen iPod nano! It is supost to have a round screen.

Apple iPod Event!

09-7-08 | On Sept. 9th apple will have an iPod event. They will release iTunes 8 and a new Ipod!

Apple Releases New IPhone

Update : 07-17-08 | Apple Released  a new IPhone called "IPhone 3G" that's 2x as fast as the old one and half the price. These were released friday, july 11. You can get them in black or white with 8 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes. Click Here to read more...